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Let’s Take A Breath


As They Lay “Things I Imagined!”

Taking inspiration from Pina Bausch, and Marina Abramovic, Let’s Take a Breath embarks on the practice of Relation Work. Seeking to publicly explore the limits and expansions of interpersonal bonds, and the invisible harmonies between body and mind, and self and other. Although Hunter often performs in solitude, she has recruited a fellow performer, D.Y.Y.O to help illustrate specific vernacular rituals through both physical and mental exertion. Relation work, at least in this piece, requires the identification of self within another through both manipulation and dependence, pushing all of those involved towards a heightened path of empathy and awareness.

“During this hour long endurance piece, participants will be in a conversation intelligible by development in gesture, repetition, sound, and proximity. We physically change the space by filling it with our breath, thoughts, and intentions. A video collage of us, the two performers, directly sharing breath, mouth to mouth, projects behind us. Along with a distorted sound piece of the song Things I Imagine by Solange.”


Photos by Amira Green