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  sun Lynn Hunter is a captivating transdisciplinary artist and researcher hailing from the vibrant cultural landscapes of Chicago and Baltimore. Through endurance-based performances, interactive installations, video, sound, and public workshops, sun delves into the profound realms of empathy, vulnerability, and the threaded nuances of grief, joy, isolation, and love within the Black experience. Her embodied performance art becomes a powerful act of resistance, using  the body as a vessel to challenge the colonial gaze and harmful societal structures, while asserting a bold existence. 

Channeling both known and lost ancestral knowledge through Afrofuturist pursuits, sun explores themes of self-revitalization, social response, exploration of the collective conscious, and anti-capitalist community building. Drawing inspiration from decolonial praxis, West African spirituality, and queer pedagogies (bell hooks, Baldwin, Octavia Butler, Shakur). Her multidimensional approach engages audiences in conversations that test awareness and empathetic capabilities. sun's work synthesizes historical and contemporary inspiration, weaving together narratives of strength through familial recordings, current events, her personal voice, curated objects, and pop culture.

With a background in both Photography (BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art) and Performance (MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago), sun has left an indelible mark, holding residencies with DCASE Chicago, Recto Verso Studios in Quebec City, Ohio University, and the Lemon Tree House in Centona, Italy. Currently a member of the Suspended Culture art collective the artist constantly engages in collaboration. Exhibiting and screening work in various cities, sun's artistic journey is an exploration of the nonlinear human experience, and the intricate dance between loss and self-discovery.