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Grounded I

“Is it possible that in the dark slumbering of their unconscious, the white imagines that the only remedy for fear is death.”
— Morgan Parker, Towards A New Theory of Negro Propaganda

Blackout: An Extension of Negro Propaganda, MICA
Curation & Documentation by Destiny Belgrave and Zion Douglas

2 Hour Endurance Piece (2018)

In this performance I take reference from Morgan Parker's Towards a New Theory of Negro Propaganda to channel and challenge the concepts of fear, life, and revitalization of the Black body. How does one propagate and rehabilitate in the white institution? Places both physical and mental which often operate on methods devoid of growth or simple catch of the breath.

“Trauma does not leave us when our eyes close, can you see it in my breath?
I close my eyes and see the color of my people

It grounds me.”