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Back Into the Swing of Things

Solo Lab 545 Virtual Performance Art Festival @ VisArts


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Collaborative performance with multimedia artist Monsieur Zohore for VisArts' Solo Lab 545 Virtual Performance Art Festival. Using inspiration from Pina Bausch's Tied Down choreography, and Senga Nengudi‘s R.S.V.P., I planned a performance involving 2 people utilizing their bodies, movement, & objects to alter a stark gallery space. Two performers start in a stationary position tethered to the gallery wall on opposing ends & start to mimic a pendulum motion in cue with the music from a projected video collage in front of them. As their constricted motion progresses so will the manipulation of the soil and vaseline beneath & between them. The temporary soil sculptures are a motif carried throughout my performance work to communicate time, fragility, and the cycle of creation and destruction. The vasilne & soil also give visualization to the energies and “stains” Black presence often leaves in institutionalized spaces. The video collage includes a repetition of home video footage of me facing my fear of heights as well as phrases and scenes that stick out to me from popular tv shows based on femininity, criticism of the feminine, and Black popular cuture.