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Lynn Hunter is a multimedia performance artist and Baltimore native. 

Her mission is to inspire empathy and engage audiences in deconstructing their preconceptions of amerikan identity and Black culture while exploring new boundaries of imagination and Black presence. Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree concentrated in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, she then also held internships at the Aperture Foundation in New York city and at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Her performance work dives deep into the intricacies of Black critical theory, Black womanhood, mental well being, and the separations of ego and self.
Through performance Lynn commits to holding space for her community while fostering environments that allow others to experience not only her vulnerability but their own, creating a stronger collective consciousness fueled by empathy. This overall objective is achieved through mentally and physically charged time-based endurance pieces where the artist’s own body is pushed and of focus. Repetition, movement, and historical allegory all contribute to Hunter’s new world dedicated to taking up space, and honoring identity, bringing audiences with her. Since an early arts education from the Baltimore School for the Arts, Lynn has made work for local institutions, universities, and cultural centers. She has exhibited for three of Labbodies’ Annual Performance Art Reviews, in addition to Artscape, Free Fall Baltimore, Motor House, Eubie Blake, and several local collectives. Lynn recently completed a residency at the Lemon Tree House in Cetona, Italy and is now attending the School Art institute of Chicago for a Master’s degree in Fine art + Performance.